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Hi there, I’m Kat!


First and most importantly, I'm a momma and a wife. 

I’m also a Mindset Coach, a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Certified Age Regression Hypnotherapist, and a Licensed Clinical therapist (LCSW) with a Masters and Bachelors degree in social work.

I have over 7 years experience in the mental health industry; supporting women with managing their stress and anxiety.

I find great satisfaction in assisting ambitious women in transforming their relationship with stress and anxiety. This transformation creates a ripple effect that positively impacts all aspects of their lives, and witnessing the change is truly remarkable!

As far back as I can recall, I’ve struggled with anxiety. There was a period in time when my anxiety hit an all time high and I began suffering from panic attacks. I was engulfed in overwhelm, not sleeping well, feeling defeated and paralyzed by my stress. 

I was so caught up in my anxious thoughts and feelings of uncertainty. I wasn’t prioritizing myself or making healthy choices; it was taking a serious toll on my health, my business, personal life and my relationships. 

I researched and dove head first into alternative modalities and training to enhance my own understanding of anxiety and my ability to cope with it. I knew there were other women out there who were struggling just as I was, and they too needed a life-line. 

Today I’m no longer paralyzed by my fears. I recognize just how my anxiety shows up and know just what to do to take back control. 

My head is more clear, focused and aligned with intentional actions and more productive thoughts. Even when stress and anxiety do present, I am able to manage my symptoms with greater ease and confidence, feeling empowered and more productive than ever. 

I gathered all the information, interventions, processes and resources I utilized and created a solid framework to implement with clients. With this framework, I’ve supported countless ambitious women to change their relationship with their stress and anxiety. 

If you’re a female entrepreneur struggling from anxiety, perfectionism and people-pleasing, than this experience is exactly what you need!

I’d love to show you another way! I can support you to embracing healthy relationships and alignment with the most sacred and authentic parts of yourself so you can live a more peaceful, productive and fulfilling life

Kat Barrow



If you're an ambitious female entrepreneur or business women who struggles with stress and perfectionism then you’re in the right place!



Countless women have reported going from overwhelmed and stuck to feeling more confident, at peace and empowered!

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